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HI, I’M Pankaj Sengar

Mr. Pankaj Sengar, is a Soft Skills Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life coach, Hypnotist and an Internationally Certified Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

He has a very bright vision of enlightening, transforming and balancing the lives of people with his spark of knowledge throughout the country by reaching in each and every district. He is currently operating in Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Agra. Pankaj is the only visionary trainer in the countries who is crafting leaders in different domains and also open-handedly providing them platform to enlighten people across the country in similar fashion.

Pankaj Sengar is the Master Trainer as well as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IG LIFE TRAININGS PVT. LTD. (A complete training and development centre) with the tagline- “Train your brain to master your life”, It offers different training and certification programs for aspiring trainers in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Soft skills, Psychological Trainings, Behavioral Training, Motivational Speaking, Personality Development, Corporate Training, Mind and Body Training, Brain Training, Memory Enhancement Training, , Raj Yoga and Meditation etc, and provides unmatchable career opportunity in the most prestigious training industry. Moreover, he has also addressed leading Corporate Houses, Management Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities and different Professional forums in different parts of India.

Mr. Pankaj Sengar has developed his passion in Public speaking since the age of 21. As a Speaker he has diverse experience of 18 years in training industry and has trained over 2 lakhs people in the field of Memory, Soft Skills and Personality Development. He believes that all of us have millions of ideas in our mind which we never trace. It’s just a matter of breaking the self- limiting beliefs and allowing the flow of ideas to come forth.

He has started his training career as soft skills, mind and memory trainer, he has trained thousands of students, professionals and people coming from all walks of lives. He has memorized the 255 countries’ names along with their ISD codes in just 3 minutes 34 seconds and attempted the LIMCA BOOK of records. He has also Mastered 4000 words of GRE along with their Meanings and can Recall just in less than Hundred Minutes. He has also memorized unlimited years calendar and can tell any day of any given date of any year in less than 5 seconds. He has a very keen interest to learn practical life changing knowledge which is particularly not taught in schools and colleges. He has achieved success and experience in training industry, through this he is continuously giving unbelievably positive results to participants. The techniques of his teachings are very simple to apply in practical life. He offers scientific training programs like NLP and Hypnosis, which helps every individual to evolve by activating the traits of sub conscious mind to long lasting self mastery for higher achievements. In this program he teaches motivational strategies of peak performance. Training is a passion of his life. Through interactive participation he facilitates the practical experimental learning process. He promotes integration of eastern wisdom and western scientific research, using transformational tools and techniques. According to him “there is a real possibility that mind power and self motivation has the power to transform one’s life”.

In last two decades Mr. Pankaj Sengar has served as a Personality Development coach, Motivational Guru and Soft Skills Trainer and touched thousands of lives in India. His motive is to Create Confident, Self Motivated, Happy, Healthy, Successful and Spiritually Powerful People. He is tirelessly working to transform and balance many lives through NLP, Hypnosis, Psychological and other trainings.

Along with this his fascination has vast array of complementary and alternative therapies and sciences does not stop here. He continues to research and indeed train himself in different domains.

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